Nine Year Store Anniversary 

NEWSFLASH! The Beatmerchant Record Store 9th year Anniversary in Steveston village.

Well!  It wasn’t easy the first year we opened in October 2005 I was still working for that year but I was very lucky to have had three members of staff who kept the ship afloat! Many thank you’s to Melissa, Rupert & Clever Trevor for all their hard work!

The next couple of years we were in customer building mode and getting the name out there! We had a lot of local support for Michael Wilmore who let me appear on the Shaw Channel 4 TV music show ‘Rockinitis’ which really got us out to a larger audience.

In the summer of 2008 we started the Music At The Cannery music series which has become such a big success for the store and Steveston in conjunction the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.  Now just passed it’s 7th year!

Being blessed with knowledgeable reliable staff has been a big plus and the customers have been the best, always coming back to the store and lots of my customers have become friends ~ the last two years have been just wonderful. It’s a great place to just come and browse and it will take you hours to go through everything!

Thanks to all the musicians who have played outside the store in the summer. Keep Music Live!

“I am constantly amazed at the amount of new music I am discovering from my customers and there is nothing better than hearing something for the first time and really loving it!”

“It is still lots of fun for me. I wake up every morning looking forward to going to work ~ If you could call this work!  It’s more a pleasure!”

Frankie Neilson, Trevor, David, Wiltold & Edwin ~ The Beatmerchant Record Store Gang.

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Frankie Neilson

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